Posted on Jan 13, 2019

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As more cybercriminals continue to see small businesses as weak targets, you, as a small business owner yourself, what can you do about it? And so, here are three basic but effective security methods that can strengthen your defense against hackers.

1. Start by conducting a risk audit

It is important for small businesses to assess their weak points to help strengthen the areas that may be at most risk. Evaluate your business and determine the areas that may easily be preyed on by hackers. By doing this, you may be surprised at how much data you need to protect as well as the shortcomings your small business has. Sooner or later, you will eventually realize that all your data is valuable, thus, need protecting.

2. Employee error

Train your employees about the do’s and donts’ pertaining to security issues. In doing so, it can potentially reduce employee errors, especially when handling highly confidential information about your company. Educate them on the practices and policies of your security systems as well as the signs of an attempt breaching your computer systems and website.

3. Back up your data

Storing a new back up of your data regularly is also a great way to solidify your security defense. Malware can delete your files, and worse, effectively blocking your access to your computer, disabling you to retrieve any of your files.
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